The Classic Cup is Proud to offer our great Buttermilk Pancakes now as a mix

(use 1% lowfat buttermilk) One 27.8 ounce (4 cup) bag makes up to 40 pancakes $3.50

1% Buttermilk
Egg/Egg Sub.
8-10 1 Cup 1 Cup 4 oz. 1
16-20 2 Cups 2 Cups 8 oz. 2
24-30 3 Cups 3 Cups 12 oz. 3
32-40 Full Bag 1 qt 1 lb 4


** Directions **

1.Mix well in bowl: buttermilk, egg and butter

2.Gently fold in pancake mix till asborbed. (Do Not Over Mix!)

3.Place 1/4 cup batter per pancake on per-heated griddle and cook till the edges start to bubble.

4.Flip Pancakes and Cook until Golden Brown.




Ordering: You may order by emailing us at, writing us, or phoning us at 816-753-1840.

We will want to know the quantity you desire, a contact phone number or email address, and to whom and where to ship your order.

Payment: The price is $3.50 per bag plus shipping. ($3.00 per bag if you order 6 or more) You have 3 payment options:

1. Mail in a check

2. Give us your credit card information over the phone, through email, or mail.

3. Have your order shipped C.O.D. and pay upon delivery (Additional C.O.D. charges will apply)

Shipping: Minimum order for shipping is 3 bags. We ship parcel post, usually within 48 hours.

It is O.K. to ship to your post office box. (you will get a little note in your box informing you that you have a package.) Should you wish C.O.D. or one of the more express delivery choices, additional charged will be applied.